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What makes a good copywriter?

If you’re ready to invest in content creation but not sure where to start, here are some tips to ensure you are selecting a high performing copywriter.  

An expert researcher

A quality copywriter is one who can quickly form a deep understanding of your business and vision. To do this, they will be natural researchers, able to seek and analyse new information quickly.  

A natural researcher will proactively request reading material and interviews with your staff upfront. 

Expert researchers are also able to synthesise what they learn to identify your organisation’s tone of voice and desired target audience.

An expert researcher will be able to tell you the ‘personality’ of your business, therefore knowing what style and tone of voice to adopt in their writing. 


The ability to develop unique story angles out of the most uninspiring topics is a common trait among great copywriters. They can write about any topic, for they know where to seek the right information to get the job done. 

An agile copywriter won’t shy away from unglamorous topics. Instead, they will proactively present ways of transforming each topic into an interesting read for your target audience. 

A strong understanding of SEO

A high performing copywriter will have a strong understanding of SEO, Google Analytics and the digital landscape. They will use this to inform their selection of keywords, topics covered and frequency of content creation. 

A good copywriter is strategic. They will be able to list your active social and marketing channels, discuss your social following and identify your keywords upfront. 

Attention to detail

Last but certainly not least, the best copywriters have excellent attention to detail by adopting perfect grammar and spelling.

Top-performing copywriters will be able to provide you with samples of previous work that display the quality of their writing.
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